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  • B-Healthy LLC Family Services and Support Program
    361 Park Road 3rd Floor
    West Hartford, Connecticut 06119
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    Phone: (866) 450-8013
    Fax:    (866) 734-8280
    Email:  b_healthy@comcast.net

B-Healthy LLC Family Services and Support Program

Make an immediate impact on a child’s life!  Society’s problems can best be solved through community effort.

B-Healthy LLC – a source of Family Services and Support Programs.  We are a community organization that provides family services to families from all walks of life.

Our mission is to build healthy relationships among children and their families, to work collaboratively with other providers in order to give the highest quality of care and services to our families with the aim to gain positive outcomes.

The family – as the basic unit of society – needs to be preserved, nurtured and developed into a functioning component of the larger picture, our community.  Many of us don’t realize it, that as a single unit collapses, the balance of the larger structure is compromised.  Simply put, safeguarding the integrity of a family is protecting the community as a whole.  Our organization is predominantly focused on this philosophy.  We seek to help families stay together by providing parental coaching, behavioral health services for children and other support programs that help a household cope with their challenges.

We welcome referrals at B-Healthy LLC.  Please call (866)450-8013 to speak with a coordinator.

We listen, act and care for our children. Every child has the potential to thrive. Every child is unique. Our priority is teaching children the skills they need to manage the challenges and stresses in their lives so they can thrive in their own way.
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